The Majority of Americans say the Economy is in ‘Good Shape’

The Majority of Americans say the Economy is in ‘Good Shape’

The Majority of Americans say the Economy is in ‘Good Shape’

Nearly 67% of Americans believe the nation’s economy is in good shape, and most give President’s Donald Trump’s policies the credit, a new poll showed Sunday.

The CBS News survey, view also showed President Trump is a positive factor among Republicans ahead of November’s midterm elections, with 7 of 10 GOP voters saying they would prefer a candidate our President supports.

  • Rating the nation’s economy, 18% called it “very good,” 46% called is “somewhat good,” 27% called it “somewhat bad,” and 9% called it “very bad.”
  • Rating President Trump’s responsibility for the current state of the economy, 35% credit Trump’s policies “a great deal,” 33% give him credit “somewhat,” 21% says his policies are “not very” responsible, and 11% his policies are “not at all” responsible.
  • Rating the look ahead for the economy, 42% said they were optimistic about the economy in the next year or 2, while 33% were pessimistic; 25% were not sure.
  • Rating voting preferences in the midterms, 9% of voters would prefer to vote for a Republican more independent from President Trump; 34% would pick a Republican more in line with Trump; 22% would pick a progressive or liberal Democrat and 23% would pick a moderate Democrat.

The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.6 percent.

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