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The Majority of American Adults are ‘Zombie Eaters’


OnePoll survey revealed that 91% of adults are “zombie eaters” who watch some type of screen while eating, according to Study Finds.

“Zombie eating is something most of us can relate to: we are busy, we are productive, and we are constantly on the move,” Pretzel Crisps Senior Brand Manager said in a statement, per the report.

The poll, commissioned by Pretzel Crisps, was conducted among 2,000 adults.

It’s clear from the survey’s findings that ‘zombie eating’ is an almost universal practice in today’s culture; 91% of respondents reported watching television while eating a meal or snack, and 49% say they watch TV while eating on a regular basis,” according to Study Finds.

Among the other reported findings:

  • 83% have had food go cold while they deliberate on what to watch.
  • 86% have forgotten to eat because they were preoccupied by a screen.
  • Reading or sending e-Mail is the # 1 reason (50%) Americans are “Zombie eaters.”
  • 48% stay to surf social media.
  • 37% watch YouTube.
  • 36% focus on work-related activities.
  • 67% take their lunch breaks in the office
  • 22% eat lunch right in front of their computers.

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