The Leaderless Democrats Have Now Sued Republicans for ‘Winning’

The Leaderless Democrats Have Now Sued Republicans for ‘Winning’

The Leaderless Democrats Have Now Sued Republicans for ‘Winning’

Saturday, US President Donald Trump bashed the collusion lawsuit filed against his campaign Friday by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), saying that the party has “sued the Republicans for winning.”

“The Republicans counter and force them to turn over a treasure trove of material, including servers and emails,” the President said in his Tweet.

The Democrats also sued Russia and WikiLeaks in federal court in Manhattan, alleging that The Trump Campaign officials conspired with Moscow to hurt nominee Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump by hacking into DNC computers and giving the stolen data to WikiLeaks.

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

“This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for president of the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the Presidency,” he said.

In July 2016, WikiLeaks published the e-Mails hacked from the DNC and Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta.

Mrs. Clinton has attributed her loss to the breaches, as well as Russian meddling during the Presidential campaign.

President Trump denies that his campaign colluded with the Kremlin, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has denied any Moscow coordination on the e-Mails.

The sacked, disgraced former FBI director James Comey should be on the alert for a process server at his front door…he may be named as a Doe.

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