The Key to Long Life is Challenging Work

The Key to Long Life is Challenging Work

The Key to a long life is challenging work, according toNobel Prize winning physicist Arthur Ashkin, 96 anni.

Dr. Ashkin says he heads down to the basement of his Rumson, NJ, home every chance he gets to continue the research he did at Bell Labs until his retirement in Y 1992.

That work earned him half the Nobel Prize in physics in Y 2018, recognizing his pivotal role in developing a technology that can levitate tiny objects with lasers.

“My lab is down there,” he said about his basement, where he now manufactures tubes from reflective paper and scotch tape that he believes may one day make for a cheap solar-energy solution. “I do this many times a day.”

Scientists who have studied so-called superagers say they often share Dr. Ashkin’s curiosity and zeal for problem-solving.

“Challenging your brain with mental exercise is believed to activate processes that help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication among them,” researchers at Harvard Health wrote.

For Dr. Ashkin, this means continually questioning what he knows about how light particles operate.

“It’s sort of a mysterious particle,” he said. “When I took quantum mechanics, they said ‘It’s a wave which is everywhere. It is a particle which is everywhere.'”

In addition to continuing to push your brain, moving your body and eating right can help keep you sharp, too, as well as having a supportive spouse, research has shown.

Dr. Ashkin and his wife, Aline Ashkin, 86 anni, have been married 64 years.

“I really am surprised that at the age of 96 he is so much ‘with it’ and so brilliant,” she said.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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