The Key to Better Health is in Your Hand

The Key to Better Health is in Your Hand

The Key to Better Health is in Your Hand

Your keys to better health are in your hand, and change is as simple as where you do most of your food shopping opens the path to a better foods, better diet and again better health.

A San Diego State University study looked at the food shopping habits of college students in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and identified patterns, such as whether they were fresh Organic food market or convenience shoppers, and whether they made conscientious choices regardless of the store they went to.

The researchers found that certain types of shoppers ate healthier.

For instance

People who made a point of shopping for fresh Organic  foods at specialty markets had better diets than traditional supermarket shoppers. And people who shopped for convenience 1st fared worse, even if they tried to eat well, the healthy choices available at such stores are really very limited.

An earlier study done at the University of Kentucky also found that where one shops makes a difference in what one eats and drink. People who frequented farmers’ markets or specialty grocery stores at least once a week were more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, whereas shoppers at typical supermarkets were more likely to be soda drinkers

Your budget can be a factor in where and how you shop.

High-protein foods and Organic fresh produce can eat up food dollars. It is no surprise that a frozen dinner usually costs less than a fresh fish filet. To stretch your dollars, 1 solution is to cut out junk foods and redeploy that money on healthy choices.

Also, be flexible with meal planning so you can buy fresh foods when you find them on sale. Get enough for 2 or more meals, 1 you eat now and the others to freeze for later.

Also, people do not think of this but the better food you eat, the healthier your are and the less likely you are to have costly Rx medicines in your budget.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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