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“The Islands of Saints and Scholars”an Irish Place of Unparalleled Beauty


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The Emerald Isle is steeped in history and offers unparalleled scenic beauty. From the rolling hills in the south to the rocky West Coast, Ireland is a country known for 100’s unique towns and hidden villages, but there is a place that really stands out from the rest.

Less than 10 miles from the coast of County Galway sits the Aran Islands.

Guarding the mouth of Galway Bay, these 3 rocky islands are a patchwork of stone walls and lush green pastures, with stunning scenery from coast to coast. 

Less than 1,200 people live on the islands, but the destination is 1 of the most popular for tourists going to the Emerald Isle.

And there is a good reason why.

There are 38 national monuments dotting the islands, so, there is lots of history to soak in. Among the national monuments are the ancient forts of Dún Aonghasa on the Coast of Inishmóre, and Dún Chonchúir in the heart of Inishmaan. These 2 ancient sites are some of the oldest archaeological remains in all of Ireland.

Totaling just 18-sqm between the 3 islands, but there is so much to see and do that it cannot be done in a day.

Travelers there should plan for minimum 1 overnight, so as not to rush through the trip, it is a super destination.

There are over 12 bed and breakfasts to choose from, with most on Inishmóre. 

Plus it is not as difficult to get to the secluded islands.

From Rossaveel, about 1 hr’s motor west of Galway City there is a ferry that operates yr round, and from March to October, and there is another ferry that leaves from Doolin a short drive from the Cliffs of Moher.

So while planning your next trip to Ireland, do add a few days to your itinerary to give yourself time to check out these ancient islands.

Once you set foot on the islands and take in the beauty around you, you will want to come back. 

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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