The EU are the New Nazi’s

The EU are the New Nazi’s

The EU are the New Nazi’s

The EU parliament’s vote to trigger Article 7, allowing punitive measures against Hungary, has provoked disbelief and indignation, with commentators describing the “authoritarian” move as contrary to the bloc’s own self-interests.

Citing Hungary’s anti-immigration policies and concerns about “media suppression,” the European Parliament voted on Wednesday to invoke the provision, known as the ‘nuclear option,’ which is applied when there is “a clear risk of a serious breach” of EU values by one of the member states.
Voting against its own interests

Implementing Article 7 allows for sanctions to be imposed on Budapest, including stripping the nation of its voting rights in the European Council. The motion, which passed 448-197 with 48 abstentions, was roundly condemned by prominent Eurosceptics. Former UKIP leader and champion of Brexit, Nigel Farage, warned that the vote revealed the ever-tightening “authoritarian grip” of the European Union.

The vote will likely also galvanize anti-immigration parties ahead of European Parliament elections to be held in May, Paolo Raffone, a political analyst and founder of the CIPI Foundation, a Brussels-based think tank, said.

Europe’s most powerful states, including France and Germany, are not immune to the growing tide of Euroscepticism.

Setting Hungary straight?

Still, the vote clearly served the purpose of making an example of Budapest, which has challenged Brussel’s open-door migrant policy and the bloc’s concept of “European values.”

Laughland said that the vote sets a clear precedent that puts other EU states on notice. Last December, Article 7 was triggered against Poland, marking the first time the measure was implemented.

But will the ‘nuclear option’ achieve the desired results?

Luc Rivet told RT that the vote accomplished little aside from “victimizing” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whose popularity with Hungarians is only likely to increase. While the vote’s outcome was expected, what was truly shocking was the language used by MEPs – and even senior EU officials – while denouncing Orban during a debate in parliament on Tuesday.

European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans said that Orban had chosen a “coward’s way out” by claiming that the EU was targeting the whole of Hungary, rather than just its government. MEPs also hurled insults at Orban, with Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian prime minister, describing the Hungarian leader as a neo-fascist.

Rivet said that these comments revealed an astonishing rift in the bloc’s sense of unity.

“The worst that Europe can produce – we heard yesterday and today … This bullying will go nowhere because Article 7 will never be applied. Italy, Austria and Poland will refuse of course that this be applied, at council level, if not at parliament level.”

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