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The Easy Way to Get to America is Illegally Under Mr. Biden’s Policy


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Sunday morning, US Senator John Barrasso, (R-WY) decried the lack of enforcement and crucial checks at the US’ southern border for immigrants and their quick release into the country.

Senator Barrasso, who was part of a group of lawmakers who visited the border region last wk, said “the easiest way to get into the United States today is to do it illegally.”

“You don’t have to show proof of anything and they will allow you into the country. That’s the Biden policy,” he declared.

The Border Patrol talked to Mr. Biden’s transition team before they came into office. They said, if you eliminate this program that worked under President Trump put in place, aka, the Remain in Mexico program a massive humanitarian crisis will happen at the southern border. 

The Biden admin ignored them and that is what we now have the highest numbers of aliens, many who are hardened criminals, of all times crossing into the US illegally

Mr. Biden is turning the illegal aliens, 10% of whom are coronavirus carriers, into Super Spreaders throughout our country.

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