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The Difference Between Private Jet Charter and 1st Class Flying


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Most of the US and Europe is out of lockdown and in a few weeks, open travel for business and pleasure will be an option again.

But, no matter how much we want things to be completely back to normal, it is not happening and this year are very different.

So, it is important to consider your travel plans in a new light and in order to help you make up your mind, here are the advantages and disadvantages of flying by Private Jet and 1st Class.

Taking into consideration the fact 1st Class travel is not available for short trips around the US and EU private jet charter is the only option if you want to travel with all the luxury of 1st Class but with the added advantage that comes with a Private Jet hire.

Sure, 1st Class flyers have access to exclusive airport lounges, but these are often shared with Business Class travellers, yet the gap in cost between 1st class and business is wide, that is not reflected in the use of the services. 

This consideration aside the First Class lounge will include a nap room, comfy seating and luxurious shopping some even include a spa and massage service.

In contrast, Private Jet passengers are treated to a concierge service, they deal with luggage and drive you to the plane just before take-off if you are in a hurry.

And if you have time to spend make use of the luxury FBO (fixed based operators) that offer an extra special service. As time goes on the FBO experience becomes more extravagant. Luxury to include beautiful lounges, multimedia conference rooms, fully fitted with Wi-Fi and audio-visual equipment.

Not to mention showers should you need it and nap rooms, for the longer stay use the on-site hotels and onward car or helicopter transfers are possible, nothing is too much trouble.

Luxurious travel is the name of the game and both offer an experience you will never forget. 

Considering this is a service industry, top quality customer service comes guaranteed for both options. Delicious food and drink come as standard but this is where the service differs.

Private Charter by nature is bespoke and therefore you can request any specification as long as it’s legal and safe.

If you desire a particular type of food, strict vegan, for instance, you can have it. You can even go so far as to request a specific brand of coffee or Champagne and even a personalised birthday cake.

In 1st Class, you are restricted to what is on the menu even if you have submitted your dietary requirements in advance and Sorry, there is no birthday cake option.

While 1st Class travel affords its own check-in desk at the airport, flying private charter means boarding via a private terminal away from the general public and this, in turn, means more efficient security controls and faster boarding arrangements.

Commercial airlines can only fly from commercial airports and this may not be a convenient option if you’re not situated close to a major city. Because of the bespoke nature of flying by Private Jet, you will find a smaller airport more convenient and where privacy is important, smaller and not so well known airports attract less attention.

In these difficult times when economies throughout the world are under pressure, the old adage “time is money” has never been more relevant.

Business travellers who are required to visit more than one city or destination a day will find the convenience of charter jet invaluable. The jet is at your disposal and will often wait to take you to your next destination, as they do not want to fly an empty plane.

If that is not a good enough reason to consider flying private charter over 1st Class then consider the additional safety of minors and family members, and even pets who will arrive stress-free will not have to travel in the hold.

Finally, consider the reliability factor, flying 1st Class is only an option if the plane is full, flying commercial on unpopular routes risks cancellation. If your business relies on getting you to your destination on time to seal that deal then the Private Jet charter is the only reliable option.

Owning your own airplane.

Airline travel has been in downward mode for quite awhile now, and, with the virus chaos, anyone who owns an airplane is especially happy that they do.

Anybody who has ever thought about buying an airplane now has both an new reason and possibly more time to focus on the benefits.

A lot of people who have previously thought that traveling by airline was adequate for them, are rethinking that assumption and looking into other options.

What has always been attractive about private air travel is in pointed and compelling focus today. It allows you, your family and/or colleagues to fly with privacy, luxury and security, where you want and when you want all in a clean, safe environment that you control.

We know a lot about private airplanes, and have the resources and contacts to help our clients not only to acquire an aircraft, but also find them a pilot, a hangar at a nearby airport, negotiate the hangar rental, fuel costs, insurance quotes aka, the complete package.

If you are thinking about buying an airplane, or that this would be the right time to own 1 again contact us and 1 of our experts will help walk you through the ins and outs of buying and owning an aircraft.

If this sounds like a way you would enjoy getting around, we would like to hear from you or from a friend of associate you might refer.

As I said we know alot about private flying and have a network of longtime friends in the business.

Enjoy your travel as the world opens up.

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