The Democrats Tack On ‘Pork’ to the American Aid Bill, Disgraceful

The Democrats Tack On ‘Pork’ to the American Aid Bill, Disgraceful

Congressional Democrats are holding the American Aid bill “hostage” to “implement socialist policies” as citizens and businesses struggle with fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

The 11 Democratic demands include the following:

  1. $300-M in funding for public broadcasting;
  2. Expansive new tax credits for solar and wind energy;
  3. New emissions standards for airlines and a requirement for full carbon offset by Y 2025;
  4. Required same-day voter registration and early voting;
  5. Bailouts for the US Postal Service, the union pension fund and student loans;
  6. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees;
  7. Publication of corporate pay statistics by race, and race statistics for all corporate boards;
  8. A $1-B “Cash for Clunkers”-style program where the government buys antiquated planes from airlines;
  9. $1.5-M to study climate change mitigation efforts in civil aviation and aerospace industries;
  10. New and burdensome OSHA requirements on hospitals; and,
  11. $1-B to build on a program expanded by Mr. Hussein Obama that provides discounted phone service for low-income consumers, aka the ObamaPhone.

Notably, none of the Democratic requests have anything to do with supplementing the American Family with additional cash so that they can buy essentials like food and to help them pay their Winter/Spring electric and nat gas bills because of the weather conditions incurred during the Winter months, especially in the upper states including the Northeast.  What are they thinking about?

Have a healthy day, stay home!

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Paul Ebeling

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