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The Dangers of Dairy For Women

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Dairy may be bad for anyone with lactose intolerance, but if you are a woman, than you may want to be a little more careful. The lactose and its metabolic galactose (sugar) have toxic affects on the ovarian germ cells.

Studies have also shown that women who drink more than 1 glass of milk a day double the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

So how do you lower this risk and fight against it?

Well, for starters, try to lessen how often you drink milk, you don’t need to completely cut it out of your diet. As eating things like bread, chocolate, pancakes, don’t have a high content of milk, unless your eating a lot of it. But drinking milk straight or having a lot of it with cereal and in teas and coffees, is a sure way to consume a lot of it, which is something you want to avoid.

If you feel you are drinking and consuming so much dairy to the point where you are bloating up and feeling discomfort, then you need to significantly reduce your intake.

Additional Tips On Ovarian Cancer

Other things that may affect your risk on developing ovarian cancer are birth control pills, vaginal deodorants, baby powder, talcum powder.

Birth control pills may lower your risk of developing cancer as the hormones in the pill may benefit you. You need to speak to your doctor to find out which one is right for you.

Vaginal deodorants, baby powder and talcum powder may all increase your risk of developing the ovarian cancer because of the toxicity they all contain for the health of your ovaries.

To summarize, the next time your getting a product for your feminine area, make sure it’s not toxic on the ovaries and also be careful with your milk consumption as it is proven to have some level of toxicity.

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