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The Big Picture of the COVID-19 Medical Chaos is Very Disturbing


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Hysteria is infectious. The People are working themselves up into a state in which they exaggerate the threat and stop asking themselves whether the cure is worse than the disease.” — Paul Ebeling

  • Scientists, lawyers, medical professionals and academics are increasingly recognizing that the deliberate fear-mongering that has kept the COVID-19 chaos alive threatens to replace democracy with fascist totalitarian models of government
  • Over the past several yrs, the threat of bioterrorism and viruses in general have been highlighted as 1 of the most serious threats to mankind, yet the US continues to fund dangerous gain-of-function research the very source and basis of this threat
  • The data tell us SARS-CoV-2 is not the existential threat it has been made out to be. The Big Picture emerging points in 1 direction, and that is the implementation of a long-standing plan to usher in and permanently establish a technocratic society
  • In a just a few months, The People been dramatically shifted from a state of freedom to a state of totalitarianism, and the way that was done was through social engineering, which involves psychological manipulation, 2 tools of which are fear-based propaganda and censorship
  • Mobile phone carriers may already be providing data to state governments for quarantines and contact tracing purposes without people’s knowledge or consent, even though they have been told track and trace apps would be voluntary.

FDR’s: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” told Americans that he understood that fear is ultimately what strips us of our human rights and drives a society into totalitarianism, and that the only way to circumvent such a fate is to bravely resist fear.

Today, we are told that 1 of the biggest threats is a global ‘pandemic’ and it has become a personal nightmare for many people.

Today, we also have something no previous tyrant has had, namely the technology to track, trace, control and manipulate individuals wherever they are.

Most people are surrounded by electronics and wireless devices that harvest every imaginable data point about their personal life. Digital currency stands at the ready to complete the net of tyranny.

If people want to dismantle the bioterrorism threat narrative, The People have to address the research that makes this threat a possibility in the 1st place.

 “Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-Thrax and ‘The Darkest Winter” delves into how the biodefense industrial complex are already working on a turbo-charged form of anthrax.

When I look at the actual data and statistics available, and compare them to what we are being told by government officials and the MSM, it becomes evident that there is a gap between the 2.

The data tells us SARS-CoV-2 is not the existential threat it has been made out to be.

That begs the Big Q: “Why do they want us to live in fear?

The Big A: The reason has nothing to do with making sure you and your family remain healthy and safe from infection, it is the implementation of a long-standing plan to usher in and permanently establish a technocratic society.

In Summary

Technocracy is an economic ideology built around totalitarian rule by unelected leaders. A technocrat is someone who exercises power over you on the basis of their knowledge. As an economic system, technocracy is resource-based. Under this system, companies are told what resources they are allowed to use, when, and for what, and consumers are told what to buy.

Along with Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony ‘Doom’ Fauci has also been priming the public consciousness throughout the virus chaos by warning that, without a vaccine, we will never be able to go back to normal. All this talk is about forced vaccination, despite the complete lack of assurance that any of the vaccine candidates are safe.

The legal team of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee is calling the COVID-19 out as a fraud and cover-up of a more nefarious agenda. This is the biggest tort case in history.

Sooner or later everyone must decide which is more important: Personal liberty or false security.

I have been writing about this since the outset, and now many people are starting to see the writing on the wall and saying we have been “had,” they are starting to choose liberty over totalitarianism in the name of public health.

President Trump is leading the charge on this issue, with his leadership The People will win out over the scam, and in turn keep Americans safe.

Our First Lady credits healthy living in fight against COVID-19, do not eat Junk food.

“There was a recent article in the Guardian that addressed this issue well in which it was stated that there is a great difference between panic and awareness. With awareness there is responsibility, a respect for the scale of the problem, and a calm consciousness of what needs to be done. 

In a panic, no one takes on responsibility for it becomes uncontrollable. Is that what we have today in regard to the pandemic that we are now experiencing with the mental ideal that it is uncontrollable even if we have an acceptable vaccine that can only take years to prove?

Unfortunately we do not have those years and thus we must meet this mental fabric fear of the pandemic head on and not let our mental disturbances destroy ourselves.  

The Brits did it to overcome the fears of the Germans in World War II and we can also do it today. This could had overridden their country if a person like Churchill did not pick up the challenge to meet it head on. Isn’t this what the current Administration is trying to do so that we can mental overcome what can be described as this mental Pandemic fear! 

The Guardian expressed it well: one can be aware of the coronavirus, aware of what needs to be done to minimize its spread, and we must do those things. But one should not make the situation worse with the negative imagination that is fear. For, like fire, imagination can create or it can destroy. It can make us act from our worst selves. That is what panic does. Panic is fear on steroids. With panic, sanity is lost. Ever since the virus entered our mental culture, it has become omnipresent. We have been engulfed in its world, in its fearsome power.

One of our greatest problems is the Media itself in overburdening us on a daily basis basis about this uncontrollable fear. This is not right for just from reading too much about it, there were times at night when we feel the artificial pains in our chests or a feel the mental depressing inability to breathe. A few moments later we feel better. Why, because after a check-up, they found nothing wrong with these people for a mental erosion of the fear of an uncontrollable mental incapacity. They had simply imagined intensely the symptoms caused by this mental pandemic fear that they are relentlessly reading about and began to experience them in their bodies. It occurred to the writer of the Guardian article  that there might be a dimension to the pandemic that could be called mental contagion. 

Personally, I feel that he is right on in his thinking. We must take control of our minds and say that we will overcome, as once said in a famous Hollywood song. So, let the professional medical experts do what they have to do – create a curable vaccine that will restore our mental sanity and correctness. Then and only then, will we will overcome this mental contagion which we must do if we are determine to survive.

I am not an expert in this area but I have the mental control to overcome this destructive non-physical condition in one’s mind. 

Be strong like the Brits were in World War II and like they were when they destroyed Napoleon at Waterloo.

I will allow no one to put me into an unnecessary mental depression. Do not allow the Media to make us obsessed about something till we become sick with it? People have made themselves ill with their own minds. If this can happen with individual obsession, think of what happens when a whole culture obsesses over something as potent to the imagination as the current predicament: a pandemic of mental health disorders and disfunction that has become Media driven,” says Bruce WD Barren, a frequent contributor to Live Trading News.

Making and Keeping America Great!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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