The Best Food in the World is in These 10 Cities

The Best Food in the World is in These 10 Cities

FLASH: There is an art to enjoying great food*

In most countries, food forms an important part of cultural heritage, which is why so many travelers plan their trips around cuisine.

With countless food experiences emerging, people are putting in a great deal of research before committing to a holiday destination and when they do, a large portion of their itinerary is based upon food.

“Travelers are increasingly interested in getting local insight on their destination, and food tours and cooking classes a great way to do that,” said Laurel Greatrix, spokesperson of travel and restaurant website TripAdvisor.

“Guides can be a great resource for finding hidden gems or local favorite spots, and can create an unforgettable part of your trip. Coming home with a local recipe or a new favorite restaurant is the best souvenir.”

According to TripAdvisor, food tours was its fastest growing experiences category, with a reported 61% uptick in popularity in the last year. Knowing this, the travel website set out to track trends and ultimately determine the Top 10 food cities in the world.

To arrive at these findings, researchers analyzed data that ranked the best food experiences according to an algorithm that looked at “bookings, traveler reviews, and traveler ratings.” 

They found that Italian cities were the most popular destinations, with Rome at Numero Uno followed by Florence in 2nd.

The Local noted that tourism in Italy has been growing dramatically in recent months, with data showing that the country saw over 240-M visitors in Y 2017.

Paris also has proven to be a popular food destination too, with the French capital coming in 3rd on TripAdvisor’s list followed by Barcelona and New Orleans rounding out the Top 5.

Based upon TripAdvisor’s survey, these are the Top 10 food cities in the world, as follows:

  1. Rome
  2. Florence
  3. Paris
  4. Barcelona
  5. New Orleans
  6. New York City
  7. Venice
  8. Madrid
  9. Tokyo
  10. Bangkok

* “C’è un’arte per gustare ottimo cibo”–Paolo

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