The Belmont Stakes, the Battle Between Tacitus and War Of Will

The Belmont Stakes, the Battle Between Tacitus and War Of Will

Tacitus and War of Will were confirmed at 9-5 and 2-1, respectively, as the 2 favorites for the 2019 Belmont in New York.

Tacitus, the legendary Senator-historian of the Roman empire’s wars, and War of Will’s handle references exactly that quality that both horses will need when faced with the Belmont Stakes’ towering mile-and-a-half sandy track.

The Belmont is the longest that any of the field has run, and may be the longest that any of them will ever run. It demands fit athletes, and these horses are that, but more often than not, the Belmont’s last Quarter-mile is run on pure fighting spirit. Every horse, or most every horse, runs out of gas.

The Belmont is such a demanding race.

The athletic demand of Belmont’s last Quarter-mile over the length of the Derby, along with the grind that the runners must do through the track’s Long Island sand, puts the focus of this race on old-fashioned power.

A colt can be as quick and fit as its trainer might like, but if he cannot process the lactic acid buildup in the muscles fast enough when rolling out of Belmont’s huge 2nd turn, he will not bring on a good run.

Position, Horse, Morning Line

Joevia, 30-1

Everfast. 12-1

Master Fencer, 8-1

Tax, 15-1

Bourbon War, 12-1

Spinoff, 15-1

Sir Winston, 12-1

Intrepid Heart, 10-1

War of Will, 2-1

Tacitus, 9-5

I was there once, it is a fantastic race.

Tune in and enjoy the racing

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