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The Beauty of Sri Lanka


The many years of turmoil and civil unrest has failed to wipe the smile from the face of what Marco Polo called the most beautiful island in the world.

Sri Lanka is full of long, elegant words that glide effortlessly off the tongue: Tissamaharama, Jayasuriya, Trincomalee, Parakramabahu, Polonnaruwa, Radawaduwa, Aravinda da Silva, Nuwara Eliya, Gunasekera.

In Sinhala script, they form impenetrable squiggles. Spelled out in Roman lettering, your eyes glaze over after 2 or 3 syllables and the rest of the word is taken as read.

There is not the same vast gap between rich and poor, the same sense of living on the edge. There is not the litter or the crowds, or the noise or the smell, the heat seems less oppressive, wrote a traveler I spoke to. It is an Island Paradise, have a look.

Enjoy your travels…

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