The Battle for Asia’s Ecommerce Dollar

The Battle for Asia’s Ecommerce Dollar

The Battle for Asia’s Ecommerce Dollar

When Alibaba purchased a 51% stake in Lazada about two years ago, it was evidence that the Chinese giant is betting on the rise of online shopping in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is becoming far more competitive, prompting the Alibaba to get even more involved, the race for the regions ecommerce dollar is now in full swing.

Amazon have joined Alibaba in targeting Southeast Asia and apart from those 2 giants some local competition is bringing a new edge to the battle.

V-MORE is a unique international e-commerce platform that currently caters to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan. Their aim to take on the giants in the industry and become the world’s leading e-commerce platform and the number one referred marketplace for high quality products that are value for money – products that Team VenVici and Affiliates personally love, have purchased and benefited from. The vision and mission is to reward both our merchants and consumers for every purchase.

This inclusive model has already brought in what one would consider rivals, products from Amazon, eBay and Lazada are already available on the V-More platform along side products from local vendors.

The opportunity for regional vendors to quickly and easily join a network that includes the giants of the industry has already proven popular and revenue from in-house suppliers is growing fast.

Becoming a V-MORE Merchant is absolutely FREE! Whether you have a retail store, online store, WeChat business or restaurant, your product or service can be offered on the platform. Manage and customise your own e-storefront and grow its popularity with the help of the Affiliates and see increased brand awareness and revenue, the model is superior to the Amazon model and the V-More adoption of tech is rapid setting them apart in Asia’s online space.

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