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The 5 Safest Cities in the World


Traveling comes with its risks, and you may have heard some stories of tourists becoming victims of crimes or being taken advantage of on their holidays.

Crime exists in all parts of the world and it can sometimes be difficult to avoid. But, if take your holidays in 1 of the 5 cities listed below and you have very good odds of enjoying a peaceful adventure.

Check out some of the safest cities in the world that also 2X as excellent vacation destinations.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Aerial photo of Tokyo at night

Tokyo has a population of over 13-M and it is 1 of the world’s safest cities in terms of how well your cyber security is protected, Tokyo is ranked on Top. This means identity theft is super rare and digital privacy is highly respected and protected. The low crime rates are probably related to the fact that the majority of the Tokyo residents are considered “upper-middle class.” Tokyo boasts a world-famous nightlife scene which can be enjoyed worry-free.

2. Singapore

Aerial photo of Singapore skyline

The number of violent crimes, theft, and level of police engagement is the lowest in the world in Singapore. If that doesn’t make you feel safe, we don’t know what will. In fact, Singapore reported a 135-day completely crime-free streak in Y 2017. The small island nation has close to 100,000 surveillance cameras positioned around the city, keeping citizens honest and majorly deterring those who are tempted to stray. Because of their super-safe environment, Singaporeans really trust each other. It is not uncommon to see shops without windows, locks, or door.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo taken on a bridge in Amsterdam, with bikes in the foreground and buildings in the background

This city is probably best known for its liberal and legal use of marijuana and a notorious red-light district. Despite this (or could it be because of it?!) Amsterdam has been named 1 of the safest cities in the world. The city’s infrastructure is some of the best in the world. Amsterdam has high-quality buildings and roads, while simultaneously boosting a low number of car accidents and excellent air quality. Perhaps this is due to another 1 of the city’s trademarks; the biking culture

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Photo of colorful buildings in Stockholm

The capital of Sweden proudly presents itself as the safest country in all of Europe. Stockholm keep its nearly 1-M residents in check thanks to an extremely effective police force, the crime rate is very low there. There may be the occasional petty theft or pickpocket incident, but, violent crime low. Stockholm is also 1 of the best cities in the world when it comes to protecting its people’s cyber privacy and health security.

5. Osaka, Japan

Photo of Osaka at night

If safety is the Top priority when you are traveling, Japan is a great choice. Osaka is the 2nd Japanese city to make our list of safest cities in the world. The city of roughly 2.6-M people shares some similar characteristics with Tokyo. Osaka is home to a wealthy population, is considered to be the 2nd safest city in the world in terms of violent crime behind Singapore, and has an excellent healthcare system ensuring its residents are well cared for. Safety does not mean boring. Osaka has a super nightlife and stylish restaurant scene that rivals the likes of Paris and New York City.

Enjoy your travels

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