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The 1 and Only VP Debate Goes to Mike Pence, a Really Likable Guy


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Mike Pence: Mr Calm, Cool, Collected and Correct, Ms Harris, nervous, unsure and Reptilian.“– Paul Ebeling

While Vice President Mike Pence was measured, calm, and even-keeled, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) laughed, flashed wide smiles and deflected direct questioning, “preaching and scolding,” proving “unlikable.

There are 2 things: 1 is personality, and the other is policies,” KT McFarland, former deputy National Security Adviser (General of the Army ret.), said in Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential debate recap.

On the personality thing, and I say this she is not very likable.”

She comes across as preaching and scolding and Mike Pence is the nicest guy in the world,” General McFarland continued. “So the fact that she was sort of sneering and talking down to him, it really hurt her.”

He could of shredded her but he did not. Mike Pence had the edge on demeanor.

He came out with the lines, he was and looked calm, collected, informed, and had the zingers, the lines you talk about, she did not answer the questions.”

Like President Trump with Joe Biden in the 1st Presidential debate a wk ago, VP Pence pushed Ms.Harris to answer the question about packing the Supreme Court if Democrats are left bitter about the pending nomination hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett and subsequent vote in the Senate, of which Harris will be a part of.” She ducked the question.

The moderator [Susan Page of USA Today] should never have allowed Ms. Harris to get off the hook and not respond to a perfectly appropriate question: ‘Will you pack the Court if you control the Senate and you do win the Presidency.

She refused to answer. Susan Page should have said, ‘Look, you have 2 options: You either have to answer the question, or you have to acknowledge that you refuse to answer the question, there is no 3rd option.

VP Pence not directly answered the question of what he would do if President Trump refused to leave office after losing the election.

To paraphrase his answer, he said, “The President is not going to lose.”

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