The $1.3-T Omnibus Bill is NOT a Federal Budget

The $1.3-T Omnibus Bill is NOT a Federal Budget

The $1.3-T Omnibus Bill is NOT a Federal Budget

After 2 day’s of research on ‘The Art of the Deal’

The Big Q: Why is the Omnibus Spending Bill going no where?

The Big A: It is NOT an official US Federal Budget.

So, here we have it, US President Donald J. Trump outsmarted the DC elites again, as Congress screwed themselves by not passing a Budget

Here is what this means

The Constitution requires the President adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

This Omnibus Spending Bill is just another Big Pork Bills, you know like they gave Mr. Hussein Obama for 8 years.

An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent, but Mr. Hussein Obama ignored them.

He either spent the money, or he did not spend it, however he wanted to. And Congress could not, did not do a thing about.

A very savvy and keenly aware President Trump saw this happen, year on year. And he came to realize that the appropriations for the things in the Omnibus Spending Bills are only suggestions.

So like Mr. Hussein Obama, President Trump can spend this money on what he wants to, or does not want spend it on.

Take Planned Parenthood

If our President told the US Treasury Department to ‘slow-walk’ the money to Planned Parenthood…until the say, the Senate gives him his confirmations, that would be what would happen.

Take Sanctuary Cities

If our President decided to ‘slow-walk’ that money too until those Dem managed Sanctuary Cities assists ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens, that would be what would happen.

And so on, and there is noting Congress can do about it the Oval Office now has the purse strings.

And when questioned and/or criticized, President Trump could just say Congress you should have passed a Budget.

So, our artful deal-maker said just give me money for the Military and the Wall, put anything else you want in it and sure enough they did. As the old adage goes, ‘the last glands to go are the greed glands’.

President Trump does not have to spend a Buck that he does not want to, because it is not a budge, he can spend as he pleases.

Congress appropriates money, then it is up to the President to do with it as he pleases.

Again, that is why Mr. Hussein Obama never had a Budget during his Presidency, as Congress voted continuing Omnibus Spending Bills, and for 8 years he took the money, and no one really knows what he did with it.

You recall the head fake early Thursday, ‘I may veto this bill’ and then later he signed it saying construction will start on the the Wall tomorrow, and I will never sign another bill like this ever. As he boarded Air Force One for a weekend of golf in South Florida, with the parting words, it is time to do away with the filibuster…he has put that Reward in Motion.

Those of you on my Platinum List received this early Friday: “Careful thought improves chances of accomplishment, get it done, then relax.”


Have a terrific week.

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