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Thailand’s Best Seafood has Just Landed

Headed up by Jay Coombes who grew up around the food business in Thailand and fell in love with seafood from a very young age 9, 39 Degrees South is set to become a feature at the finest restaurants in the country.

It all started with a little Salmon smokehouse in Klong Toey port as his playground and grew with him to encompass diverse ingredients from all over the world.

After spending 30 years supplying quality perishable food products to the finest restaurants and hotels in Cambodia and Thailand it was time for something new.

Seeing that the retail seafood product choices were all the same, year after year; unexciting, overpriced, average quality fish of unclear origin.

Jay believes, and I concur, that people want fresher, tastier, healthier and better value seafood. This was also an opportunity to share his passion for seafood as it used to be, clean and fresh, delicious and sustainable.

39 Degrees South chose the Great Southern Ocean as their source because it contains the purest waters on the planet.

The Southern Ocean is replenished by the ancient glaciers of the Antarctic continent, which stir upwellings of minerals nutrients and Phytoplankton.

This unique environment in turn makes the Southern Ocean the most productive of all.

Carried upwards to 39°South off Australia’s remote southern coastline, these pure nutrient rich icy currents nourish and replenish all of their fish & shellfish species, guaranteeing you some of the best seafood you have ever eaten.

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