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Thailand Baht: USD/THB (THB) Exports Rose, No New COVID-19 Cases

Thailand Baht: USD/THB (THB) Exports Rose, No New COVID-19 Cases

A key trade group sees a potentially healthier export picture after shipments rose for a second straight month in April, driven by farm products and gold.

Ghanyapad Tantipipatpong, chairwoman of the Thai National Shippers’ Council, said the April surprise signals that full-year exports might shrink by lower than the TNSC’s current forecast.

She cited Thailand’s strength in exporting food, electronics profitable for working at home and medical supplies like rubber gloves.

Despite the easing of lockdown measures and higher demand in many export categories, the TNSC on may 5 forecast Thailand’s shipments to contract by 8% this year.

The pandemic has ravaged major economies, particularly key trading partners like the United States, the EU and China, at the same time higher household debt and lower purchasing power worldwide are anticipated.

More notably, transport remains inconvenient in many areas because of lockdown measures, whereas the business sector’s operating costs keep rising.

The baht has started to appreciate, and global oil prices are volatile because of shrinking demand and also the conflict between the United States and Iran.

The Commerce Ministry announced yesterday that customs-based exports unexpectedly rose by 2.1% year-on-year to US$18.94 billion in April after a surprise 4.2% increase in March.

Exports of agricultural and agro-industrial products grew 4% last month to $3.73 billion, boosted by rising global food demand throughout the lockdown period. Higher shipments were led by rice (+23.1%), fresh, frozen and processed fruits and vegetables (+5.7%), fresh, frozen and processed chicken (+9.6%), pet food (+34.3%) and seasonings and condiments (+18.9%).

Exports of industrial products grew 4.1% to $14.77 billion, led by gold (+1,102.8%), aircraft and accessories (+584.7%), other vehicles and parts (+1,423.1%), semiconductor devices, transistors and diodes (+56.1%) and electric circuits (+1.8%).

“The spike in gold exports highlights the risk aversion effects arising from Covid-19 and also the global economic slowdown, leading to rising gold prices and large exports to Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong,” said Pimchanok Vonkorpon, director-general of the trade policy and Strategy office under the Commerce Ministry. “In addition, global oil prices have suppressed exports of oil-related products, particularly to ASEAN and CLMV markets.”

Excluding gold, oil and weaponry, April exports fell by 7.5% from the same month last year.

For the first four months of 2020, exports rose 1.2% to $81.62 billion from the same period of 2019. Excluding gold, oil and weaponry, exports fell by 0.96% within the period.

Exports to major trading partners stood out in April, particularly those to China and Japan, rebounding 9% and 9.8% respectively, while shipments to the United States and ASEAN continued to grow.

Exports to the EU, the middle East and South Asia fell in April, constrained by the pandemic and lockdown measures.

Ms Pimchanok said the coronavirus crisis has highlighted growing demand for farm products and processed foods and opened a window for Thailand to broaden market share.

“Although existing lockdowns in numerous countries have caused traffic congestion in ports and disrupted air logistics in general, the outbreak recovery and lifting of lockdowns in some countries, for instance China, Germany, Italy and New Zealand, will enable economic activity and facilitate international trade flows step by step,” she said.

“This signals positive momentum to Thai exports in the medium term. Thailand’s exports are unlikely to contract too much as many agencies forecast. If exports average $20.57 billion per month, exports are expected to shrink by only 0.5% this year.”

The CCSA on Sunday revealed no new coronavirus cases and no new deaths, maintaining the totals at 3,040 confirmed cases and 56 fatalities since the outbreak began in January.

Sunday was the fourth day this month that there have been no new confirmed cases, said Panprapa Yongtrakul, a spokeswoman for the CCSA.

A total of 2,921 patients have recovered since the outbreak started, with 63 still in hospital.

The number of new infections per day throughout the past two weeks has remained in low single digits with most new cases the result of contact with previously infected ones or through contact with crowds of individuals.

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However, with global economic pressures mounting as a result of COVID-19, the Bank of Thailand will be increasingly forced to consider rate cuts from here.

Moreover, while Thailand has seen strong foreign inflows which has pushed the currency higher.” Shayne Heffernan PhD in Economics

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