Terror Attack at Brisbane Airport Subject of Major Cover Up

Terror Attack at Brisbane Airport Subject of Major Cover Up

Once again the serious threat of Islamic Terrorism has been the subject of a Massive Police/Media cover up. Australia is now a victim of Politically Correct Authorities and a Left Wing Media that will not cover the truth.

Australia needs to change, the major parties have failed and parties like One Nation have grown as Australians are fed up with what has happened to the country.

Witnesses reported seeing a man with a knife and hearing shots just after 8:30pm but police said there were no reported injuries.

Police decided to evacuate the airport after finding what they believed was a suspicious device.

Police also conducted searches on the Gold Coast in relation to the airport incident.

About 9:00pm, they placed an emergency exclusion zone around a car park in Surfers Paradise, where the bomb squad examined cars and a nearby apartment complex.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the incident was highly volatile and absolutely life-threatening.

“First responders, including the Australian Federal Police, security officers at the airport and ultimately Queensland police, were faced with a dynamic and a very real situation that was initially in its perception, absolutely life-threatening,” he said.

The Police denied any Terrorism link to the Muslim man wielding a knife and possibly explosive devices and the Media just agreed and called what was clearly a terror attack a “domestic violence” matter.

Australia has no issues with Islamic Gangs, African Muslim Gangs, Islamic extremism etc, not according to the Police and the Left Wing Media, but in reality Australia is becoming a more and more dangerous place to be as the en masse acceptance of refugees continues.

The Media and some Politicians fan the flames by forcing Australians to not speak for fear of being labeled a racist.

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