Technology is Killing Our Eyes, Making Digital Screens Healthier

Technology is Killing Our Eyes, Making Digital Screens Healthier

Technology is Killing Our Eyes, Making Digital Screens Healthier

When it comes to computer screens, it is important to reduce the correlated color temperature down to 2,700K, even during the day, not just at night.

It is better to set it below 2000K or even 1000K.  Many of us use f.lux to do this, recently found a better alternative that was created by Daniel Georgiev, 22 anni, a Bulgarusian programmer.

As the story goes, Daniel was using F.lux but became frustrated with the controls. He attempted to contact the F.lux programmers but they never got back to him, so he created a superior alternative called Iris. It is free, but you will likely want to pay $2 and reward him with the donation.

Iris is better because it has 3 levels of blue blocking below f.lux: dim incandescent, candle and ember. I use ember after Sunset and measured the spectrum and it blocked nearly all light below 550 nm, which is super, when I measured it on the monitor in the ember setting. When I measured the f.lux at its lowest setting of incandescent it showed loads of blue light coming through.

So, if you are serious about protecting your vision you will abandon f.lux software and switch to Iris.

I have just started using, and even though I have very good vision at my age, my visual acuity seems to have dramatically increased. This is because I am not exposing my retina to the damaging effects of blue light after Sunset.

The good news is that this is the 21st Century, a time when we have access to extremely powerful methods of communication, allowing me share this information with my million + readers. Thus By doing so, creating a new understanding, that catalyzes research and therapeutic interventions that can help us avoid the expensive and toxic interventions typically recommended for diseases that respond perfectly well to interventions such as light.

It is so simple. take the time to check it out now.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, walk in the Sun

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