Target 150 Nonsurgical Stem Cell Facelift

Target 150 Nonsurgical Stem Cell Facelift

Target 150 Nonsurgical Stem Cell Facelift

The Target 150 stem cell facelift is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure that does not involve surgery.

The procedure avoids any incisions and helps in the lifting of the skin itself. The main function is to restore both the youthful contour and shape of the face. Another goal is to improve the skin quality and color irregularities caused by both the aging process and exposure to the sun and environment. Patients who have undergone this procedure frequently avoid or markedly reduce the need for other maintenance procedures like botulinum toxin and cosmetic filler injections.

The function of the procedure is based on the regenerative capacity of a group of cells called stem cells. Of the hundred trillion cells that make up the human body, stem cells are the most important category. They are among the few cells in the body that are specialized and have the potential to become a particular cell type and replace worn and damage cells.

When stem cells are transplanted, studies have shown that they grow and survive in these new areas helping to form new tissue at the transplanted site, enhancing the volume of the face, and skin elements which would improve both the quality and texture of the skin.

Stay Young with Target 150

Aging is the process by which the cells are dying to greater speed in relation to those than they are regenerated. For this reason the organs work every time worse.

As we grow older, the phenomenon of the apoptosis is accelerated causing faster aging. Ageing process is normally associated with genetic damage, oxidation, homotoxicosis, hormonal imbalance and nutritional imbalance.

Increasing number of evidence indicates that stem cell possess potential regenerative, anti-inflammation properties, and trophic effect to accelerate growth of surrounding cells. These, in turns, will decelerate ageing and accelerate rejuvenation. Anti-aging therapy requires multi-modality treatments. Stem cell treatments, regulating quality and quantity of nutrients and hormonal normalisation are the hallmarks for therapy.

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