Tanuki the Best Asian Food in Miami Beach

Tanuki the Best Asian Food in Miami Beach

Tanuki the Best Asian Food in Miami Beach

Tanuki is now open! Serving up exceptional

Pan-Asian cuisine during lunch, dinner and

late night hours. Open seven days a week

on the corner of Alton Road and 11th Street.

Joe and I happened across Tanuki a few nights ago and the food is truly Asian. Having been away from Asia for a couple of years Tanuki will become a welcome addition to our Miami haunts.

Tanuki offers a true taste of Pan-Asian cuisine within a fun, casual environment. Located on South Beach’s bustling Alton Road at the corner of 11th street, Tanuki brings the spirit of East Asia to the South Beach dining scene with its first United States location

Tanuki’s menu will feature faithful renditions of Imperial favorites including classics such as sushi, sashimi, specialty rolls, soups and signature entrees including Tanuki’s take on Peking Duck.

Inspired by the mythical Japanese talisman of good fortune, a 7-foot tall Tanuki statue lies at the center of the lively dining room welcoming locals and tourists alike.

Tanuki figures are found throughout Japan, especially in and around restaurants where they beckon drinkers and diners to enter and enjoy life through food and beverage. As a fun-loving figure, good fortune is denoted through his specific traits including:

◦ A big belly, signifying bold and calm decision-making

◦ A big tail, symbolizing steadiness and strength

◦ Big eyes, indicating the capability to judge the environment and make good decisions

◦ A structured hat, representing readiness and protection against the bad weather/bad times

◦ A friendly smile, offering a friendly attitude toward customers


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