It Takes More Than Money to Buy a Ferrari Special Edition Supercar

It Takes More Than Money to Buy a Ferrari Special Edition Supercar

It Takes More Than Money to Buy a Ferrari Special Edition Supercar


You have sacrificed, worked hard and smart, built your company carefully in a hot sector, and sold off a chunk of a few $100-B on a few B’s.

And now you are ready to make your 1st really luxury purchase, the most expensive Ferrari they make.

Hang on there is a problem, and it is a big problem.

No matter how much money you have you do not walk in to the factory at Maranello, Italy and buy the LaFerrari Aperta/Spider Supercar coming in Y 2017.

Or get on the list for a Special Edition XX HyperSupercar,

There are rigid requirements to be met and certain expectations fulfilled before Ferrari take your cheque or W/T check for more than a million dollars.

At 950 horsepower, the LaFerrari is the most powerful street-legal Ferrari ever built. Also, it is one of the most exclusive, with only 499 examples being made, and just 3 days after its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, more than 1,000 people had put in requests to purchase one of the cars.

When it comes to this car in this range, you do not choose Ferrari. Ferrari chooses you.

Ferrari demands more than a big bank account to be among the selected. It wants more than celebrity and fame, too.


Several very high-profile buyers requested to purchase a LaFerrari and were turned down according to North American officials.

Rumor has it that customers must already own 5 Ferraris to be considered, more than that is advised.

You would think that would be a relatively limited group, but it actually includes thousands of people. So individual Ferrari dealers submit names of their most loyal customers who they think should get one. That list is sent to Maranello, where C-Suite officials make the final decisions.

Ferrari uses this marketing method as a reward for its “clienti’, people who are loyal to and laud the iconic brand. Giving someone the right to pay you more than a million dollars is an odd kind of reward, but given the demand for the vehicle and the fact that it will surely appreciate in worth, it makes sense, brilliant yes?

The thing is a buyer never really know if he or she is getting one until they actually get one. And they pay for most of it before anything’s guaranteed.

Even after Ferrari calls you to say you made the list there is not guarantee, as things can change. When you get the delivery date you are assured of your new Supercar.

The World of Ferrari is mysterious, very mysterious.

One lucky buyer was quoted saying, “There are a lot of trinkets you have to wear, and a lot of rings you have to kiss, like the Vatican.”

When asked how LaFerrari buyers are anointed, the spokesperson said. “This is not really relevant as all 499 examples of LaFerrari were spoken for upon its debut.”

A real Ferrari lover does not ask how much it costs or its fuel economy. They appreciate it as a work of art.

Every owner understands the passion and drive behind the car. I have been driving them since 1967.

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