Take a Nap When You are Tired, Here is Why

Take a Nap When You are Tired, Here is Why

Take a Nap When You are Tired, Here is Why

As long as it does not take more than 30 to 60 mins, a nap is good for our health in many ways.

It is natural, so why not take advantage of our nature to take a nap in the afternoon; rain, snow or sunshine?

Below is a list of the benefits of a short afternoon nap, as follows:

A healthier heart: A nap is beneficial for the heart because it lowers blood pressure and allows the cardiovascular system to recover. The 2 hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin, which help to keep the body awake, stimulate the heart rate. A Greek scientific study in Y 2007 showed that a habitual 30-min nap reduced the risk of death by heart failure by over 30%. Try it out this Summer to improve your performance.

Boosting creativity: By improving attention, memory and vigilance, a nap stimulates creativity and helps with solving difficult problems. It is virtually obligatory in Japan, and other countries are beginning to realize its benefits. Employees who rest at the beginning of the afternoon are more productive and come up with new ideas more easily. A nap is ideal for recharging your batteries and will pay dividends when you go back to work.

Catching up on lost sleep: Chronic insomnia, drowsiness, and sleep debt are all part of modern life. There is nothing like a power nap to catch up if you didn’t get enough sleep last night. And contrary to popular belief, a nap does not prevent you from sleeping the next night, as long as it doesn’t last longer than an hour. In fact it helps nocturnal sleep. It is the perfect way to stay alert and in a good mood until the evening.

Improving immunity: A lack of sleep affects antiviral proteins produced by the immune system. And sleep deprivation is associated with lower resistance to infections. Even a short nap restores the levels of hormones and proteins which help fight stress, thereby improving our immune system. Nap to your heart’s content this Summer, so you’ll be able to drive out colds and viruses in the fall.

A perfect non-drug treatment: The French National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (InSV) considers sleep to be a non-drug treatment with analgesic effects. Migraines and muscular/joint pain can be improved by a short sleep. The InSV says that napping could reduce the need for medicines such as antihypertensives, a treatment for high blood pressure, stimulants and vitamins. Better to take a nap this Summer instead of a cocktail of dietary supplements in the Fall.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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