Take Extreme Care When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Take Extreme Care When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Take Extreme Care When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Many times over the past 50 years in business, I have been asked how to develop and write a marketing plan.

There is no easy answer to that Q.

Things can go badly without a MP (marketing plan), and can go really badly with the wrong one. But most people in business have no idea how to develop or write a MP.

The 1st thing you have to know is that marketing is not a random walk down the isle in a grocery store, it is an Art and a Science, and all of the information about the product is important.

Branding is Key

Below are my observations about what to expect the marketing company to deliver, essentially it is quality based on experience. It should be even more in-depth when the set up and campaign need auditing along each step.

It is not easy, it is not cheap, as it should not be.

There is deep research, understanding of the sector/product in advance of the planning, and a recommendation to move intelligently into he space.

An enterprise’s marketing guru must be able talk confidently about what will and will not work and exactly how, plus what are the alternatives.

Without credibility there can be no success. That no matter what past efforts have shown, the brightest and most trophy’d cannot wing it.

The wrong marketing partner, the wrong hire, the wrong budgeting and the wrong activities can be very costly in terms of time and money.

Savvy business owners can spot errors before or when they happen if they are consulted all along the process. Avoiding communication mistakes saves you tens of thousands of dollars or and 100’s of hours of dead time in the plan’s development. That not to mention the relationships that become frayed and wasted beyond repair.

The decision on the branding and marketing experts, like the other Key business professionals helps a company grow faster and add millions perhaps billions of dollars to the enterprise’s valuation.

Stay tuned…

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