Sweden Not Safe for Gay Pride March

Sweden Not Safe for Gay Pride March

Milo Yiannopoulos’s planned trip to Sweden this week to participate in “Pride Jรคrva,” a gay pride parade through Stockholm’s Muslim ghetto, has been cancelled, following an intensive security review and threat assessment by Breitbart’s security team, comprised of former United States Navy SEALs and Intelligence community operatives. The security analysis found significant potential threats against Milo, especially in light of the recent wave of Muslim terror attacks across Europe.

Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, commented: “After a briefing by our security team and a review of the situation in Sweden, Breitbart News has cancelled Milo’s appearance at the Pride Jรคrva parade on Wednesday, July 27. Despite Milo’s request to honor his commitment, we are not confident that we could ensure his safety. His brand of unique cultural warfare is too valuable to risk it in potentially life-threatening situations. Milo receives dozens of death threats from Muslims, many of them in Arabic, every day across his various social media accounts. The frequency of these threats has been increasing recently.”

Jan Sjunnesson, the organizer of the pride parade, added “I regret Milo will not be appearing, but understand the circumstances. Last year we experienced yelling and rock throwing with a group of 20 marchers. The Muslim reaction to a larger group with a person like Milo involved would be more severe. I do feel conditions are largely due to the police’s strategies and policies within the Muslim neighborhoods.”

Milo also commented on the cancellation, saying: “Breitbart found out what I already suspected, that Sweden is no longer a safe place for a prominent gay man to speak out. In my opinion, the security assessment would be the same in Germany and almost as bad in France.

“The question is: how long will it be until gay pride is a safety risk in London? Personally I am most interested in gay Americans recognizing the existential threat that Islam represents and supporting candidates like Donald Trump intent on not repeating Europe’s globalist mistakes. I will now go to DNC to wake up the Democratic establishment. The Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton are putting the lives of gays and all Americans in jeopardy by denying the reality of radical Islam.”

Milo and Breitbart will work together to find a suitable gay pride event in a safer location, or to reschedule the Stockholm march if the risk in Sweden decreases. Additional information on future events will be released when available. As always, visit breitbart.com/milo for news by and about Milo Yiannopoulos.

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About Milo Yiannopoulos: Milo is Breitbart’s Tech and Social Justice Editor, as well as a prominent columnist and one of the most in-demand commentators on internet culture. He has been on the vanguard of the brewing culture war between the LGBT community and Islam in the west, including delivering a speech at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, seen by millions. Milo was permanently banned from Twitter during an LGBT conservative party at the Republican National Convention, resulting in a doubling of Google searches on his name.

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