Swamp Denizen Robert Mueller Crosses Trump’s ‘Red Line’

Swamp Denizen Robert Mueller Crosses Trump’s ‘Red Line’

Swamp Denizen Robert Mueller Crosses Trump’s ‘Red Line’

Tensions over a federal probe of Russia’s influence in the Y 2016 Presidential election campaign are coming to head between President Donald Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller

It was reported Thursday a wide-ranging, follow-the-money probe by former FBI Director Mueller was expanding to include business dealings of President Trump and his campaign associates, a Red Line the President warned not be crossed.

According to reports Mr. Mueller is said to be probing potential obstruction of justice by President Trump over his decision to sack the politicized FBI Director James Comey earlier this year.

Mr. Mueller was appointed as special consult as a result of Mr. Comey leaking secret/confidential documents of Presidential meetings to a friend and thence to the left press.

Mr. Mueller has has assembled a team of left leaning lawyers for the probe, including those who have donated to Democratic political candidates, including Hillary R. Clinton, and some who have direct ties to the Clintons.

President Trump is not alone in his position that Mr. Mueller is overreaching.

“Mueller crosses ‘red line’ into potentially all of Trump’s billion$ in transactions. We now face a partisan war of investigative attrition,” Rep. Steve King, (R-Iowa), Tweeted Thursday.

And as President Trump’s distaste for Mr. Mueller escalate, there is the specter of the President booting the acrimonious/devisive Swamp Denizen back to his rocking chair.

And we now know that the Session’s led DOJ is shining its lights into the shadows of James Comey’s subversive anti-Trump and GOP activities.

Mr. President, Drain the Swamp!

Stay tuned…


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