Susan Rice’s “Unmasking’s” was Obama’s Plot to Undermine President Trump

Susan Rice’s “Unmasking’s” was Obama’s Plot to Undermine President Trump

Susan Rice’s “Unmasking’s” was Obama’s Plot to Undermine President Trump

Lawyer Sam Nunberg suggested Wednesday former National Security Adviser Susan Rice has leaked classified intelligence as part of “plot by the Obama Admin to undermine” President Donald Trump.

In a TV interview President Trump’s former political adviser charged “it seems to me it’s axiomatic that Susan Rice, [deputy National Security Adviser] Ben Rhodes, many others – probably up to President [Barack] Obama – were behind these leaks.

“If you looked at [Rice’s] Twitter . . . looked at an opinion piece she wrote in The Washington Post, she’s been trying to undermine the Trump presidency from the outside consistently, and if she wasn’t a leaker, if she has not leaked anything, I’d be very surprised,” he said.

“She can claim she didn’t leak that information,” he added. “Whoever has been leaking that information, whether it’s from the Obama administration, whether it’s staffers, whether it’s career people at [the Department of] Justice, whether it’s career people at the intelligence agencies, that is a Class A felony.”

Mr. Nunberg also said he believes “it’s time” for military action in Syria.

“We have to stop ISIS” and “at the end of the day, [President Bashar al-]Assad also has to go,” he said. “We also need to be able to deal with the Saudis on this as well . . . they tend to support” ISIS “unfortunately.”

Nunberg told Newsmax TV that although he has not spoken with his close friend, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, he thinks he knows how he feels about being removed from the National Security Council.

“Steve went on the National Security Council Principles Committee because he wanted to work with Gen. [Mike] Flynn,” he said, calling the former national security adviser “a great man – but I don’t think he should have been in the administration.”

“[Bannon] said that he was there, that the NSC is no longer under Susan Rice’s guise of being operationalized . . . meaning politicized,” he added. “I think it was really expanded under the Obama administration.”

“Let’s be realistic, I think the bottom line – I can’t speak for him, but I think he’d probably prefer to be on the NSC Principles Committee.

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