Susan Rice: Liar, Leaker, Black Radical, Racist!

Susan Rice: Liar, Leaker, Black Radical, Racist!

Susan Rice: Liar, Leaker, Black Radical, Racist!

Barack Hussein-Obama “Groopie” Susan Rice’s “Racism” against White people is the Obama administration’s racist assault on the common defense of our nation, that on top of the ongoing projects of the sexual and social re-engineering of our armed forces.

The definition of Racism is this: “imputing shared qualities to a given population simply because they have a skin color in common.”

Wednesday, Hussein-Obama’s national security advisor Susan E. Rice 51 anni, declared that people who are alike, read White people, often think alike.

She went on to say that Caucasians should be denied employment opportunities in the national security community so that America is ‘fully reflected’ in its ranks. That my friends is Racism.

Now hang on, how about this?

The White House Press Secretary indicated that the President agrees. Nuts, instead he should demand Ms. Rice’s immediate resignation or sack her publicly,

So, not we can add Racist assaults on the common defense to such other Hussein-Obama initiatives as debilitating defense budget cuts, religious persecution against Christians in uniform, a lack of training and new weaponry, crippling environmental restrictions and the sexual and social re-engineering of our Armed Forces.

The cumulative effect is to leave them hobbled and inviting enemy aggression.

Now, if “Crooked” Hillary is elected to the Presidency, we know of the long, cozy relationship she and Bill have with Blacks (and with Ms. Rice), that means an extension of Hussein-Obama Mission to make America Weak, Very Weak.

That is not to my liking and I will continue to do all that I can do to elect Donald Trump our next President.

Make America Great Again!


Trumpeting for Trump

Paul Ebeling


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