Support the Muslims Fighting Fundamentalism, Not the Refugees

Support the Muslims Fighting Fundamentalism, Not the Refugees

Support the Muslims Fighting Fundamentalism, Not the Refugees

There are millions of Muslims suffering at the hands of ISIS and other fundamentalists groups, they are in desperate need of our support, the Run-a-Ways are not. These refugees that there are so many bleeding hearts for have created havoc in Australia and Europe, they have committed terrorist attacks, become a major crime problem and have brought with them Sharia Law and other practices that Muslims in their own country are fighting.

Every male refugee is in fact a deserter.

The liberals now oppose Trumps ban on Muslims from certain countries and are protesting around the USA, the very same people sat quietly as Obama and Clinton funded the fundamentalist groups that have created this problem. Obama and Clinton started the wars in Syria and Libya, they funded groups they had intelligence on and a reasonable suspicion of links to terrorism.

While the cowardly few have become refugees millions of their countrymen are taking up the fight against Sharia Law and Fundamentalism, if a Muslim group deserves our support its those brave Muslims, not those that ran from protecting their own country.

Trump is on the right path, ban the refugees, fix the Obama/Clinton fundamentalists and have immigrants that are looking to assimilate in to US Society, not those that are coming to America to change the very fabric of the America’s heritage.

Any call for Sharia Law in any Western Country should result in a charge of treason. Muslim states should be pressed on reforms and a move away from Sharia Law, there is no place for that rubbish in the modern world.

The bleeding heart liberals should focus their attention not on a handful of refugees but on the tens of millions of people living under the brutality of Fundamental Islam.

There is a place for Islam, it is in Islamic countries.

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