The Super Rich Defy Convention, Take Risks, Work Better, Harder

The Super Rich Defy Convention, Take Risks, Work Better, Harder

The Super Rich Defy Convention, Take Risks, Work Better, Harder

Most people think of the world’s super rich as super successful, disciplined, people who have greater opportunities than the average guy or gal.

Money is not always a measure of success, we cannot deny that those who have amassed billions of USDs have experienced great successes in their lives and careers.

The Big Q: What are things the Super rich do to achieve success?

The Big A: They are better at achieving their goals. They live healthier lifestyles and can manage stress better than other people. They are classy and influential and exist in another universe.

The super rich are just people, and some of their habits are surprising, and are beyond luxury

Below is a list some of the surprising habits of the wealthiest people on our Planet, as follows:

1. They break away from the Pack

Becoming Super successful means you need to outperform everyone else at whatever you’re doing, right?

No, billionaires are not better than others; they do somethings very different than the others.

If it seems as if you are stuck in a rat race and constantly trying to outdo the next person, break away from the pack. Your ideas might have little to no support, but big rewards require big risk. If others do not understand your vision, it does not mean it’s your vision that is wrong.

2. They are often Frugal.

We often think of the Super wealthy as indulgent, with opulent and wasteful lifestyles. In truth, many billionaires are shrewd business people who are incredibly frugal and personally accountable for their expenditures.

It flies in the face of the stereotype to have many billionaires actually be very frugal.

In American culture, people crave flashy cars, big houses, and lots of toys. Billionaires are adept at making money but at keeping it as well, and part of that means living carefully.

3. They do for Themselves.

The Hollywood stereotype of the Superrich might have left you thinking billionaires do not do anything for themselves.

Contrary to this image, billionaires often do just fine fending for themselves.

It is true that the Super successful often surround themselves with supportive people,  they understand they cannot do everything on their own. But this does not mean they are helpless or lazy when it comes to doing the same things each day that regular people do.

4. They are not afraid to Fail

All of us have failures and successes. Billionaires often fail big, thanks to the sheer size of the deals and investments they are involved in. The Key is that they understand that failure is just a bump in the road on the path to greater success.

Billionaires know that you have to fail sometimes. They just become more adept at it.

5. They take good care of themselves.

There is a stereotype that the Super wealthy are gluttonous or partake in lavish, rich meals that the rest of us can only dream of and then lay around all day.

They can afford whatever they want, but they do take good care of themselves. Ons study I read points out that 70% of the wealthy consume less than 300 junk food calories per day (some no junk food ever), compared with 3% of less-affluent people. They get more exercise, too, they exercise at least 4 days a week at 76% compared with just 23% of the poor.

David Murdock, chairman of Dole Foods, recently told Forbes he expects to live to 125, David is 90 now, thanks to his diet and healthy lifestyle. A vegetarian since his 60’s, he is more active than many people half his age. He’s an advocate of daily physical exercise and still rides horses, practices yoga, and does weight training.

So, the lesson here is that billionaires are not aliens or anomalies as people, and their habits may contradict everything many think of how the 1% live.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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