Super Foods are Cancer Killers

Super Foods are Cancer Killers

Super Foods Are Cancer Killers

To brand a vegetable, spice or other edible a “super food” is to recognize that it has the capabilities that far outdistances others among them.

3 super foods that distinguish themselves nutritionally are Ginger, Turmeric and Carrots.

A Key bonus they share is that they are disease-fighting antioxidants.

People who eat ginger, turmeric and carrots come away not just with lowered risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, but also numerous, so-called “less serious” but often debilitating ailments such as pain and inflammation.

Both ginger and turmeric belong to the same botanical family, Zingiberacea, and have been used in culinary applications, and regarded as powerful remedies for numerous ailments, for millennia.

These 2 are particularly powerful used in tandem, such as turmeric-ginger tea, which involves a teaspoon of each, grated, in a cup of boiled water; using ground spices requires a 3rd of a teaspoon per cup.

The benefits of these super foods come from the foods themselves, not a supplement or drug made from them.

You will find that in most stores, these healthy offerings from the Good Earth are inexpensive, even if they’re Organic, and Organic is always the better buy.

The Big Q: So what benefits do these 3 super foods render to us?

The Big A: Below are excerpts from studies showing how these 3 super foods were effective in both treatment and prevention of several cancers:

Ginger: “Although the medicinal properties of ginger have been known for thousands of years, a significant number of in vitro, in vivo, and epidemiological studies further provide substantial evidence that ginger and its active compounds are effective against wide variety of human diseases including GI cancer. Ginger has been found to be effective against various GI cancers such as gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and cholangiocarcinoma.”

Turmeric: “Curcumin is among the more successful chemopreventive compounds investigated in recent years, and is currently in human trials to prevent cancer. The mechanism of action of curcumin is complex and likely multifactorial. We have made the unexpected observation that curcumin strikingly modulates proteins of iron metabolism in cells and in tissues, suggesting that curcumin has properties of an iron chelator.”

Carrots: This study has shown that extracts from carrots can induce apoptosis and cause cell cycle arrest in leukemia cell lines.

Here is a dish that gets all 3 of these delicious super foods on plate: Steam a few cups of carrots in a few tablespoons of pure water, until tender-crisp. Add a few teaspoons of real Organic butter, sea salt to taste and a half-teaspoon each of grated turmeric and ginger, or half that amount of the ground variety. To serve, mash lightly or serve whole for a super healthy, delicious side dish.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

Paul Ebeling

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