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“Strong Jobs Data Undercuts Trump Impeachment Argument”

This 50-year low in the nation’s unemployment and other robust economic data reported Friday “really undercuts the whole argument” for impeaching President Trump, former economic adviser Stephen Moore said on TV Friday.

Why Nancy Pelosi would want to go through with this sham impeachment, when we have the best economy in 50 years … ,” he added, referring to the House speaker.

The Labor Department reported Friday that the US unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, from 3.6% in October, matching a 50 yr low, as employers added 266,000 jobs.

In addition, wages rose a solid 3.1% in November Vs a year earlier.

We now have 7 million more jobs in the United States that are open,” Moore said . “We have more jobs open than we have people unemployed.

“It’s a really solid number,” he said of the jobless rate.

We had good gains in manufacturing. We had some good gains in the service industries and in technology. It’s across the board.

American businesses are expanding at a very, very healthy pace.”

Mr. Moore said that the program has particularly benefited middle-class Americans.

“This is the best economy for the middle class we’ve seen in decades.

“When we put the Trump tax plan together, it was not designed to help rich people,” he explained.

“It was always designed to create a very tight labor market, create a lot of new jobs in the United States, so workers would have more bargaining power.

You’re starting to see that, as workers are getting to see nice wage increases.

“The wage increases are going to people at the bottom, not just to the people at the top.”

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