Stop Saying “This is the New Normal”

Stop Saying “This is the New Normal”

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In a thought-provoking, pointed 5-min talk, Jeremy Elliott asks Questions about the pandemic, governments’ handling of it, the rise of corporate interests and numerous other freedom-related questions that, even though they may be thinking them, nobody else is daring to ask.

2 important questions to ask: 1st, he says, are when did you give your consent to government to run your life?

And 2nd, “If you want to know who is in charge, just think about who you can and cannot criticize.”

Reader comments on this YouTube post indicate that it is being taken down as fast as people share it, so watch it now while it is still up, thanks to a YouTuber who saved the original video and posted it here after the original was taken down.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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