Stock Markets Have Turned Into a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo Casino

Stock Markets Have Turned Into a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo Casino

Stock Markets Have Turned Into a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo Casino

Global central bankers have turned world financial markets into a casino, thanks to their unprecedented monetary policies, Bill Gross warned Tuesday.

“Our financial markets have become a Vegas/Macau/Monte Carlo casino, wagering that an unlimited supply of credit generated by central banks can successfully reflate global economies and reinvigorate nominal GDP growth to lower but acceptable norms in today’s highly levered world,” Mr. Gross said in his latest Investment Outlook titled “Doubling Down.”

Mr. Gross recommended Bitcoin and Gold for investors who are looking for places to preserve capital.

“At some point investors – leery and indeed weary of receiving negative or near zero returns on their money, may at the margin desert the standard financial complex, for higher returning or better yet, less risky alternatives,” he said.

Bill Gross has been against the ultra-loose central bank policies for hindering global economies by keeping so-called “zombie” corporations alive and inhibiting “creative destruction.”

For several years, Mr. Gross and others have warned that Zero and negative interest rates not only fail to provide an easing cushion should recession occur, but they destroy capitalism’s business models.

“A commonsensical observation made by yours truly and increasing numbers of economists, Fed members, and corporate CEOs would be that low/negative yields erode and in some cases destroy historical business models which foster savings/investment and ultimately economic growth,” Mr. Gross said.

He added: “Our argument is that NIMs (net interest margins) for banks, and the solvency of insurance companies and pension funds with long dated and underfunded liabilities, have been negatively affected and that ultimately, the continuation of current monetary policies will lead to capital destruction as opposed to capital creation.”

Bill Gross said central bankers have fostered a casino-like atmosphere that present “a Hobson’s Choice, or perhaps a more damaging Sophie’s Choice of participating or not in markets previously beyond prior imagination.

Investors/savers are now scrappin’ like mongrel dogs for tidbits of return at the Zero bound. This cannot end well.”

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