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Stimulus: “I want to make this deal”– President Trump


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President Trump and his team have made every concession they can on the coronavirus aid/relief/stimulus deal, but the Democrats will not budge, said White House Chief Economist Joe LaVorgna .

We have been working very hard. Secretary Mnuchin has really done everything he can to move us toward the center. Remember, we were at a $1-T side of fiscal stimulus, then we got to 1.6-T,” Mr. LaVorgna said

There are a lot of things we agree proposing that are bi-partisan. We have got relief for airlines, we have got money for small businesses, we have got money for schools,” he said.

In fact, the $100.5-B that is allocated towards schools as it relates to COVID relief is actually $ 5-B more than what Democrats have initially proposed,” Mr. LaVorgna said. “We have got direct payment mail order checks to people. So there’s a lot there, but we need to get the other side to move really towards the center.”

From my vantage as a professional forecaster, we are in a self-sustaining recovery. so if we get the stimulus, it’s a great insurance policy. But the President is acting prudently, he is an excellent negotiator and we will see what happens [he wants a deal],” Mr. LaVorgna said.

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