Steven Machat, Open Letter to Marco Rubio & Patrick Murphy

Steven Machat, Open Letter to Marco Rubio & Patrick Murphy

Steven Machat, Open Letter to Marco Rubio & Patrick Murphy

September 2, 2016

To: Patrick Murphy
4521 PGA Blvd #412
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

To: Marco Rubio
8669 NW 36th Street
Suite 110
Doral, FL 33166
Dear Patrick and Marco:

Congratulations to you both on your primary victories.

Marco, in your haste to be the one to make the ask for upcoming debates, you  forgot that U.S. politics are not limited a two-party system and  Florida’s U.S. Senate race is not a two-party race.

I, along with some others, am an Independent candidate for the same  Florida U.S. Senate seat both of you are hoping to capture.

With no ties to any special interests other than how I can help  implement positive change to Florida, I believe the Sunshine
State is ready for a radical shift in leadership with someone  who will work both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C., and not be beholden to the beliefs of any one particular party  over the other.

I have visited all 67 counties in Florida with the specific goal to interact with our citizens and listen to their concerns, their
frustrations and what makes them happy. I have made a commitment to do whatever  is in my power to help make the changes Florida’s citizens feel are necessary.

One of the greatest advantages we have as a nation is  the freedom to debate the issues. I am ready and willing to actively participate in any debate with both and/or either of you and look forward to joining you in the scheduling of Marco’s
proposed series of media-sponsored live debates between now in November 8th.

It’s now time to have our voters to decide who will be the best candidate to work on their behalf.

I look forward to hearing back from you both.


Steven Machat
Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate
P.O.Box 398537
Miami Beach FL 33239

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