Steven Machat, “Florida is Not a 2 Party Race for the US Senate”

Steven Machat, “Florida is Not a 2 Party Race for the US Senate”

Steven Machat, “Florida is Not a 2 Party Race for the US Senate”

The GOP and Democratic parties are not the political rulers in the State of Florida, The People are.

Today in an exclusive telephone interview of Steven Machat, he said that the Florida US Senate race is not just a 2-party race.

That being the case Mr. Machat on behalf of himself, and the other registered, Independent US Senatorial candidates a/k/a Non-Party Affiliates (NPA), he filed a lawsuit Friday morning in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Steven Machat, said, “My intention is to give the citizens of Florida an informed and educated experience with all the candidates in Florida’s US Senate race, not just one Democrat and one Republican, neither of which represent the majority of Florida’s voters.

In a recent RDD telephone survey conducted from 31 August through 7 September throughout the State of Florida, responses from 601 likely voters with a margin of sampling error of +/- 4% revealed that at least 38% are Independent and undecided. That leaving the Senate race wide open for a victory for independent candidate Steven Machat.

When asked the Key question: Generally speaking, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or what

Those polled answered and below are the polls results:

Republican: 31%
Democrat: 31%
Independent: 33%
Other/DK/NA: 5%

In his federal lawsuit against multiple defendants including the Federal Communications Commission, an agency of the US government, Steven Machat states that he is a qualified candidate for the US Senate and as such he should have a place on the debate stage with US Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Representative Patrick Murphy (R).

Steven Machat should be heard, he should be allowed to debate the issues facing Florida with Senator Rubio and Mr. Murphy and that not being on that stage with the mainstream elite that there could be great damage to the interest of the citizens of the State of Florida.

Mr. Machat is a successful private citizen who entered the US Senate race to make a difference, he is qualified and should be heard along with Messrs Rubio and Murphy, and let the Florida’s voters decide who should represent them in the US Senate.

For more information go to:  Steven Machat for U.S. SenateFlorida’s Independent Canidate  Read his complaint and Donate to his campaign.



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