Steven Machat (I-FL), “I can get things done.”

Steven Machat (I-FL), “I can get things done.”

Steven Machat (I-FL), “I can get things done.”

Steven Machat, 64 anni, former Democrat, former Republican, now Independent, has thrown his “hat in the ring”  in a bid to unseat once Presidential hopeful and incumbent Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) from the US Senate.

The dashing entertainment mogul, social activist, educator/author vows to overcome political divisions and unite Florida, much like he has rallied music lovers behind hot new rock bands during his illustrious career in the music business.

Last year Steven told a group of supporter, “I want to unite America as though I am making a hit record, and everyone can sing along.”

Steven told reporters that he plans to take his campaign to all corners of Florida, accompanied by singers and musicians, making his campaign a concert of happiness, good will and joy.

Over the past 30 years Steven Machat managed, produced or represented such pop-culture icons as Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Electric Light Orchestra aka ELO.

A few years ago saw that Democrats and Republicans were for the most part working for big business and forgot The People,  thus he decided to run for the US Senate as an Independent and unite the voters behind his candidacy.

As an Independent candidate,  Steven will not face a primary, but there are challenges in the general election since he does not have “party machinery” to back him.

Nevertheless, he has made up his mind and filed to get on the ballot in Tallahassee, the State capital, last Tuesday, 25 June.

Steven graduated Vanderbilt University Law School and after a stint as a Public Defender in Crawford County, partnered with his lawyer father, Marty. Their international law firm’s clients included Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Frankie Valli and Sam Cooke.

Steven Marchat Author, recently penned an insider’s look at the music industry: “Gods, Gangsters & Honour” published in the UK to a successful run.

His mission is to reform and make a social impact “for all of The People” meaning helping to rebuild America’s middle-class, provide the children a good education, and the families affordable healthcare.

“Everybody wants to have their day — to have that hit single,” he said. “I  promising to help them get it.”

I have some great plans to put people back to work at good paying jobs, cut taxes on small business and individuals so that money stays in states and communities where it is needed, not in bloated federal agencies.

Steven is legalizing marijuana, he agrees with the US’s recognition of  Cuba, he wants the embargo removed, thus helping foster Democracy in Florida’s island neighbor



Steven Machat believes as the US Senator from Florida he can help move the Congress into positive action for all of The People.

He says that decades of negotiating deals and selling songs, in perhaps the toughest sector of the entertainment business, “I can get things done.”

Steven’s campaign is a “People’s” campaign, individuals and small business people, that is not beholding to Big Business.

HeffX-LTN supports Steven Machat for the US Senate, you can to by going to:

And remember you do not have to be a Floridian to donate to Steven’s campaign.

His message says it all, “We are all Human.”





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