Steven Bogart Shares Memories of ‘Bogie & Bacall’

Steven Bogart Shares Memories of ‘Bogie & Bacall’

Humphrey Bogart’s son Stephen shares his fondest memories of the Superstar and opened up about when he 1st knew his dad was different in an TV interview.

The Hollywood icon died in Y 1957 in his Los Angeles home after an 11-month fight with cancer.

His wife, Lauren Bacall, had not left his side and, minutes before he died, Humphrey Bogart put his hand on her arm and fondly said “Goodbye, Kid,” according Dr. Michael Flynn at the time.

Stephen was 8 when Bogie passed, and while he was too young too fully understand his father’s fame, he said he knew his parents were different when hordes of people showed up to the funeral.

“When my father died there were 3,000 people I did not know at the funeral,” Stephen Bogart said. “I figured there was something different. And there certainly was.”

Thinking back to his childhood Stephen Bogart,70 anni, admitted many of the memories of his father had faded but there were certain things he recalled vividly such as the times he spent bonding with his father on the family boat, the Santana.

“He would take me down to the Santana,” he said. “Eventually when I learned how to swim, we would go out on the boat. I remember going to Catalina Island and swimming back… to the Santana. I made it and he was very proud of me at that time because he knew that I knew how to swim. That kind of pride sticks with you.”

Stephen Bogart noted that his parents were always close and when his father was at home, he enjoyed spending time with Lauren Bacall, his wife.

“When he would come home from work, he would want to have dinner with her,” Stephen Bogart noted.

“It was the age in the ’50’s when kids were seen, not heard. Parents had dinners, at least my mother and father did, with the adults. But they were in love. And they were good together. They were Man and Wife.”

After Humphrey Bogart’s death, Lauren Bacall decided to make a new life away from California.

“A year later we were living in England,” said Stephen Bogart. “And then we moved to New York. I had a house with a pool in California. Life was pretty good. And then all of a sudden, there was a big change for all of us. But I think she eventually started to do the things she wanted to do for herself. She always wanted to move back to New York because her mother lived there. And I think that was important for her. And she also got into theater.”

Lauren Bacall went on to have an illustrious career both on screen and in theater. She died in Y 2014 at 89.

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