Stefan Halper, CIA ‘Mole’ Was Inserted into Carter Campaign by GHWB

Stefan Halper, CIA ‘Mole’ Was Inserted into Carter Campaign by GHWB

Stefan Halper, CIA ‘Mole’ Was Inserted into Carter Campaign by GHWB

The CIA operative and FBI ‘mole’ used to gather information on The Trump Campaign in the Y 2016 campaign was responsible for a spying operation in the 1980 Presidential election.

According a report Monday, Stefan Halper managed CIA officials, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director George H.W. Bush (GHWB) from inside The Carter Administration.

The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about then-President Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy to officials for the Ronald Reagan campaign to ensure it knew of any foreign policy decisions Carter was considering, according to the report.

The background provides a fuller picture of Mr. Halper, who has been portrayed by House Republicans and President Trump himself, as an Deep State operative used to spy on The Trump Campaign.

And though the Department of Justice (DOJ) suggested its informant was a secret, high-level, covert intelligence asset, the NY-T’s last week, without naming Mr. Halper, described him as “well known in Washington circles, having served in previous Republican administrations and as a source of information for the CIA in past years.”

HeffX-LTN was among the outlets who now have named Mr. Halper, reporting last Thursday he’s a University of Cambridge professor “with CIA and M16 contacts.”

According to Monday’s report, Mr. Halper, through his CIA work, has extensive ties to The Bush Family, and the CIA’s perceived meddling in the Y 1980 Presidential election and its open support for its former director George H.W. Bush to become President generated a political controversy.

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