Stay Sharp, Train Your Brain to Focus

Stay Sharp, Train Your Brain to Focus

Stay Sharp, Train Your Brain to Focus

Brain training can help to retain information, recall facts quickly, and sharpen focus.

Brain exercises can help older adults improve reasoning skills and processing speed for 10 years after the training ends, according to a recent federally sponsored study on cognitive training.

Hang on, we are busy exercising our brains all day long, the financial markets are not for slackers.

Even so, but just by adding a few brain daily can help you reap the benefits of brain training.

Below is a list daily things to do daily to sharpen intelligence, as follows:

1. Follow ideas through to various outcomes: Busy people are often plagued with more ideas than time to deal with them in. Make it a habit to do idea exercises come up with 3 possible outcomes for your ideas, even if there is only 1 way you expect it to turn out. Make it a habit to consider alternatives, think
2. Add 10–20 mins of aerobic exercise to your day: Aerobic activity slashes your lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s by 50% and your risk of general dementia by 60%, according to the Director of the Seattle Pacific University Brain Center for Applied Learning Research.
3. Engage in stimulating conversation: The art of conversation requires that one think on one’s feet, and conversing with someone smarter than you can be a fantastic exercise in quick thinking as well as an opportunity to learn something new. Seek out interesting people and engage them in conversation.
4. Take online courses: You can learn just about anything online. Commit to learning something new daily, make it something useful.
5. Give your brain a break: We cannot be “On” all the time, tune Out and automate redundant tasks that take up time and brain space, forget all unneeded stuff.
6. Practice a hobby: Make sure you do something you love each and every day. If the human brain is constantly bogged down in work, it has no time or space to explore creative, fun ideas and concepts. Hobbies can help sharpen human intelligence.
7. Stop, Look, Listen, Learn: Read reports, listen to podcasts, watch video clips where you can. Switch it up using more of your senses to take in information, and stay engaged to retain more of it.

Science has proved that brain training can make us smarter, and make life better.

Stay tuned…


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