Stay Active in the Winter, Throw Snow Balls

Stay Active in the Winter, Throw Snow Balls

Stay Active in the Winter, Throw Snow Balls

Adults should get at least 30 mins of physical activity each day, even in the Dead of Winter, a leading group of dietary and nutrition professionals advises.

And children should get at least 1 hr of daily exercise, whatever the weather, the experts at the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics added.

If the ground is covered in Ice or Snow outdoor activities like jogging or biking can be difficult, and dangerous.

But cold weather is no an excuse for inactivity, the academy said in a news release. There are several ways families can stay active throughout the year.

The group recommends the following workouts that can been done indoors:

  1. If it’s too cold outside, try walking in the local mall.
  2. Avoid the elevator and escalators, and opt for the stairs instead.
  3. Walk the hallways of your office building during your lunch hour or a coffee break.
  4. Start Spring cleaning a bit early. Vacuuming, cleaning closets and washing windows can help you stay active indoors.
  5. Rather than curling up on the sofa and watching a movie, follow an exercise video.

Outdoor Winter fun can also burn calories. Bundle up, head outside and enjoy the following physical activities:

  1. Have a snowball fight.
  2. Go ice skating.
  3. Sled downhill and climb back up a few times.
  4. Make snow angels in the yard.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Exercise and Live lively.

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