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State Governors Draconian Lock Down Orders Bring Hardship, Suffering and Death

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“That ’leaders’ across the world transformed into tyrants, believing they had a right to bankrupt their subjects, is the core evil of lockdown.”–Michael P Senger, author of “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom extends regional stay home-lock down orders in the state for 3 more wks.

Of the 5 California regions, only Northern California was left out of the Governor’s latest stay home-lockdown order.

  • Lockdowns have wrought much hardship, suffering and death; 163,735 US businesses closed their doors as of 31 August 2020, and of those, 60% are permanent closures.
  • In that frame the collective wealth of 651 billionaires in the US rose by more than 36%
  • An April 2020 report estimated 3-M Britons had gone without food at some point in the previous 3 wks. An estimated 1-M people had by then already lost all sources of income
  • A Canadian survey in early October 2020 found 22% of Canadians experienced high anxiety levels and 13% reported severe depression.
  • The drug overdose epidemic has also significantly worsened this year
  • In Japan government statistics reveal more people died from suicide in the month of October than have died from COVID-19 all year
  • Lockdowns have resulted in dramatic increases in domestic abuse, rape and child sex abuse.
  • Children are falling behind socially and developmentally, even if they are not exposed to direct abuse

The destruction, moral and economic is necessary for the Great Reset to occur.

The technocratic elite need everything and everyone to fall apart in order to justify the implementation of their new system. Without this desperation, no one would agree to what they have planned.

Now is the time to take control of your health. Make it a point to really take care of yourself.

Remember, insulin resistance, obesity and vitamin D deficiency Tops the list of comorbidities that significantly raise the risk complications and death from COVID-19.

These are also underlying factors in a host of other chronic diseases, including mental health problems, so by addressing them, you will improve your chances of getting through this chaotic challenging time with your health and sanity intact.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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