St. Louis’ Panera Bread (NASDA:PNRA) Removes Artificial Ingredients from Menu

St. Louis’ Panera Bread (NASDA:PNRA) Removes Artificial Ingredients from Menu

St. Louis’ Panera Bread (NASDA:PNRA) Removes Artificial Ingredients from Menu


Friday, Panera Bread Co. (NASDAQ:PNRA) said it had removed artificial ingredients from its food menu and Panera at Home products in the United States.

The company said in August that by the year end it would remove artificial flavors and colors, preservatives and sweeteners from the food served at its 2,000 restaurants.

The additives removed include federally-approved artificial colors, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite and sodium phosphate, the company said.

St. Louis-based Panera said it had reformulated 122 ingredients, resulting in changes to most of its bakery-cafe recipes. It has also partnered with more than 300 food suppliers to replace ingredients and change preparation methods.

The company sells items such as bread, soup and coffee under its Panera at Home brand.

Restaurant chains, including McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD) and Yum Brands Inc.’s Pizza Hut (NYSE:YUM) also committed last year to remove artificial preservatives from some of their ingredients and menu items.

Panera Founder and CEO Ron Shaich in last August criticized in McDonald’s move to remove artificial preservatives from its chicken McNuggets as too incremental.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NASDAQ:PNRA 213.34 13 January 2017 -0.48 210.71 214.69 210.51 426,000
HeffX-LTN Analysis for PNRA: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.14) Neutral (0.15) Neutral (0.12) Neutral (0.14)

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