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St Louis Democrats Move to the Radical Left!


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Results in the Missouri’s Democratic primary Tuesday night provided evidence St. Louis has become a city of the radical left.

Not only did 1 time Black Lives Matter leader Marxist nurse Cori Bush defeat Lacy Clay, Jr. but Soros sponsored St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner easily beat her closest opponent 61%-39%.

St. Louis provided the winning margin for the expansion of Medicaid.  Where the controversial measure won statewide with 53.2% of the vote, St. Louis voters put Medicaid expansion over the Top.

State Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, who was fiercely opposed to expansion, told St. Louis Public Radio there will need to be difficult discussions when lawmakers return for the Y 2021 legislative session.

Missouri Republicans have floated the idea of passing work requirements, and Ms. Coleman said she “cannot imagine that will not become part of the conversation.”

She said she believes the state will also need to cut some services that are already provided for the Medicaid population.

The City of St. Louis, and to a large extent the surrounding county of St. Louis, have absolutely become bastions of far leftism,” former Republican House Speaker Tim Jones said.

These new Democrat ‘leaders’ are not interested in the traditional urban policies of preserving law and order, having a strong education system or encouraging and promoting economic development for the region.  The new marching orders of the St. Louis Democrat leadership are similar to those we are witnessing in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle . . . destruction of property, defunding the police, doing nothing about murder and mayhem and blaming everyone but themselves for the problems their party has created over the past 50 years.”

Missouri is a Republican state overall with the exception of 2 Black progressive democrat pockets, 1 in Kansas City, the other is St. Louis who must be defeated in the November election.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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