Sri Lanka Is Happening in America

Sri Lanka Is Happening in America

The Easter massacre of Christians by radical Muslim jihadists in Sri Lanka is but the bloody tip of a genocidal crusade which has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of Christian innocents since 9/11.

In Iraq, massacres by the most violent and extreme Islamics have wiped out the oldest Christian community in the world, driving the survivors of the attacks into exile.

The Christian temple in Mosul had featured Sunday sermons continuously since the time of St. Paul.

It is silent now.

President Barack ussein Obama, who never missed an opportunity to lecture Christians about their alleged sins and mistreatment’s against Muslims, did not lift a finger to stop this genocide.

Mr. Hussein Obama’s disinterest is really part of a war the American left has been waging against Christiana in our country.

This war began heating up with the banning of prayer and Bible reading.

In recent years, efforts have been made to ban “God” from even being mentioned in schools and the public square.

A gay candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, Pete Buttigieg, has made a vicious and bigoted assault on Vice President Mike Pence for being a Christian.

Mr. Buttigieg is making his attacks on VP Pence’s faith the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign and he is now 1 of the Top contenders for the Democratic nomination.

This attack is part of a nationwide campaign against Christian businesses like Chick-Fil-A and the Masterpiece Bake Shop in Colorado.

These and other anti-Christian attacks on healthcare providers started in earnest during The Hussein Obama Administration with the President’s blessing and support.

The Easter massacres in Sri Lanka should be a warning as to what the end of this narrative could be here in our homeland.

It is up to American Americans to Stop this Now!

Stay tuned…

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